SwipeSimple - Turnkey Mobile Point of Sale Solution for Merchant Services

Free co-branding

Carry your brand throughout the merchant experience, on the mobile app, dashboard, card readers and more.

SwipeSimple Resellers free co-branding

Onboard merchants seamlessly

Getting merchants integrated with a new solution can be tedious. SwipeSimple takes the pain out of onboarding on our Reseller Dashboard, making it easy to get your merchants started, create new merchants accounts and manage them.

SwipeSimple Resellers easy merchant onboarding

Use your favorite processors

SwipeSimple's payments gateway is EMV-enabled and integrates perfectly with most major processors. Add SwipeSimple's mobile payment solution to your product line, and offer merchants your best packages.

SwipeSimple Resellers compatibility with favorite processors

A great fit for your merchants

SwipeSimple makes accepting credit cards easy for all kinds of businesses. Our payment terminal app and hardware work perfectly on iOS and Android devices, and our reporting tools give your merchants the help they need to grow and manage their business.

SwipeSimple mobile app, card reader, reporting tools for merchants