SwipeSimple - About Us

SwipeSimple is brought to you by CardFlight, Inc.

SwipeSimple is the best way for credit card processors, ISOs, agents and other resellers to offer a mobile POS product to their merchants. The turn-key solution includes encrypted card readers, payment terminal apps for iOS and Android, a real-time reporting and admin dashboard for merchants, a reseller portal for easy onboarding and portfolio management, and a payment gateway that supports virtually all major processors. SwipeSimple provides 100% free co-branding that allows a reseller to promote their brand alongside SwipeSimple throughout the merchant experience. SwipeSimple is a product of CardFlight, Inc., a leading provider of mobile POS technology and solutions.

About CardFlight, Inc.

CardFlight is a leading provider of mobile POS technology and tools that makes it easy for anyone to accept swiped card-present payments in any mobile app with virtually any merchant account. They offer both turnkey mobile applications and robust software development kits (SDKs) for iOS/Android that can be incorporated into custom applications. CardFlight's platform also includes encrypted card readers and a payment gateway that supports over 20 different processors, to provide clients with complete mobile payments and mobile POS (mPOS) solutions.

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